We dedicate every Friday to gaining experience with these methods and concepts in a computing environment. Our tool of choice will be R, software that vastly amplifies your power to explore, visualize, and model data. Reed’s RStudio server is accessible by going to https://rstudio.reed.edu/ and using your college login. Note that to access the server from off-campus, you’ll need to go through a VPN. You can apply to CUS for access by filling out this form.

Every week you’ll be working with a new data set and organizing your work in an RMarkdown document. You should complete work on your lab by Tuesday at 11:59 PM.


  1. Intro to R (template)

  2. Simple Regression (invite) (base R key) (ggplot2 key)

  3. Regression Prediction Competition (invite)

  4. Classification (invite)

  5. Resampling (invite)

  6. Trees (invite)

  7. Boosting (invite)(key)